Laszlo Sinko, DVM Veterinarian/Owner

Dr. Sinko and his wife, Johnna own and run the clinic as a team. They are very excited about practice ownership as this is truly a dream come true for both of them. Dr. Sinko has been a veterinarian since 1995. He received his degree in Veterinary Science from the world respected University of Veterinary Sciences in Budapest, Hungary. Following his graduation he worked in many countries in Europe doing internships while gaining experience and knowledge in the ways other countries do veterinary medicine. He came to the states in 2001 and began working for Woodford Veterinary Clinic. He worked there until 2006 and then transferred to Kansas State University to attend a program for foreign veterinary graduates. Following Kansas, he moved to Missouri where he worked in pharmaceutical research. Missouri winters were not fun and Dr. Sinko longed for a more temperate climate. The family came for vacation and was hooked. He worked with Dr. and Mrs. Angel and Dr. Zafir of the Boca -Delray Animal Hospital and gained valuable knowledge. Dr. and Mrs. Sinko dreamed of owning their own practice and never lost sight of that and began searching for the “right” practice to buy. It was obvious from the first time they saw NCAH that it was the right one. Dr. Sinko is enjoying practice ownership and commits himself to the best care and treatment of all his patients. He loves veterinary science and is always looking for new avenues of education to benefit his patients. Dr. and Mrs. Sinko have 4 children, 3 daughters and a son. In addition, they have two furry girls, Zoe, a Pekingese and Izzy, a Chihuahua.


University of Veterinary Sciences (1995) Budapest, Hungary
University of Utrecht, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences, Veterinary Public Health (1995) Utrecht, The Netherlands
Kansas State University, Academic Review Program (2006) Kansas, USA

Johnna Sinko, Practice Manger/Owner

Johnna worked for The Jockey Club in Lexington, Kentucky as an IT Manager, has owned her own interior design business and worked in the veterinary industry with Dr. Sinko prior to moving to Florida. She considers her title as “Official TLC provider” in addition to her formal title of Practice Manager. She says her favorite job is giving and receiving love from all the furry kids that come through the practice. The staff knows if there’s a dog or cat missing from the kennel to check her office! She loves to allow boarders the time to relax in her office and she says it relaxes her to have an extra friend around while working. She is very compassionate and committed to providing all of North County Animal Hospital’s clients and patients with the best experience possible. Johnna and Dr. Sinko have two dogs, Zoey, a Pekingese and Izzy, a long hair Chihuahua. They would love to have a cat but unfortunately their son Ryan is very allergic to cats. Thankfully, they have plenty to love at the clinic.

Robin (2015), Receptionist

In 2014, while looking for a change of occupation, I found my passion. No other field offers what working with animals offers. I enjoy the knowledge that what I do matters. The unconditional love from my patients is my greatest perk. My dog Merlin is now a patient here as well. Jupiter has been our home since returning to Florida from North Carolina over 15 years ago. After living elsewhere, I’ve decided Florida is definitely where I belong.

Bri (2016), Technician

Born in New York but raised here in Florida. In 2012 I joined Pet Dental Services as a Non-Anesthetic Dental Technician. This offered me the chance to travel and see the east side of the country. After many years and many flights I decided to stay closer to home and joined the team at NCAH. I love what I do and couldn’t be happier. On a side note I’m passionate about art and love to paint and draw. I even have my own store on Etsy called BriizyArt. I’m a huge schnauzer fan and currently own a tiny little fireball of a Chihuahua named Winnie who keeps me on my toes.


Sandford Brown Institute, Associate in Science & Veterinary Technology (2012) Florida, USA

Chelsea (2016), Receptionist

Hello there! I’m Chelsea and I’ve been with NCAH since the summer of 2016. After college I started in human medicine but quickly found that I enjoyed working with animals a lot more. I’ve been in this industry since 2005 and I have to say it’s the best! I grew up in South Georgia but I love the sun and sand so no doubt this is the place for me. I have the sweetest little snaggle toothed pound puppy named Lola Palooza and a crazy French Bulldog named Augustus Pompette (Gus Gus). I love them more than words can say and have even earned the title of “The Crazy Frenchie Lady” around here. It’s a title I proudly accept.


South Georgia Technical College, Business & Office Technology (2004) Georgia, USA
Albany Technical College, Medical Office Seal (2005) Georgia, USA